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LAN-TECH is an Authorized Citrix Solutions Provider.

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WinFrameŽ and Metaframe


Many law firms are looking for ways to help attorneys and support staff work effectively while away from the office. This often requires dial-in access to the office computer network. Several methods of dial-in remote access are commonly used by law firms. These include remote-control software like PCAnywhere and remote-node network software from Microsoft and Novell.

For firms requiring high performance, high security remote access for several concurrent users, LAN-TECH recommends a solution consisting of Metframe software by Citrix Corporation running on a dedicated server connected to the office network.

Metafram allows multiple concurrent Windows "sessions" to run on the network, rather than on individual PCs. This "thin-client" architecture means that less is required of the workstation, while more is done in a controlled, secure centralized network environment. For remote users, this means exceptionally fast response, even when using older or less powerful computers.

The Metaframe software runs on Windows NT 4.0 Terminal server or Windows 2000 offering enhanced security and protection for the office network environment.

What does Metaframe bring to the network?

  • Very fast, simple remote access for multiple concurrent users
  • High-level network security against hackers
  • Money-saving use of older PCs (in-office or remote access)
  • Embed applications in a web page and access apps through any workstation connected to the internet in a secure enviroment.

"We tried just about everything over the years, including PCAnywhere with 2-3 PCs in the office dedicated to remote access. Since our office applications require individualized user access, configuration was really a pain. We decided the Metaframe was the best alternative for us. Metaframe has been very stable and has performed well for us."

Ken Donahue

Donahue, Hoey, Rawls & Skesbol

"Metaframe solves the sorest points for me as a system administrator. It delivers high-performance access to remote applications. It supports diverse client hardware. And it is based on MS Windows NT Server".

Truman Legg

Orange County CA Public Defender’s office

"We discovered that Metaframe improved remote application performance by as much 80%"

Jerry Anderson, Manager of Financial Control, OMNES Corporation

Here are some reasons LAN-TECH uses WinFrame to provide high-performance, secure remote access for our customers:

  1. Metaframe uses a unique compression system, which makes applications run much faster than remote-control software.
  2. Office applications with individual user-access security like time and billing systems are no problem with Metaframe- such applications cause significant configuration problems for remote-control software.
  3. Remote control software requires that every remote access session be anticipated and set up ahead of time, since a dedicated PC must be set aside specifically for each remote user- highly impractical for larger offices.
  4. You can use a variety of older computers in the office or at home, even DOS computers, to run high speed Windows applications. For example, you can give your older office computers to staff for home use as dedicated "office" machines.
  5. Metaframe does not require "taking exclusive control" of network resources like PCs or modems, as required by remote-control software.
  6. WinFrame adds Windows NT remote-access security (C3-government certified) to Novell networks.
  7. Metaframe allows printing of files from DOS office applications from remote workstations- not possible using remote-control software.
  8. Metaframe can allow secure multi-user access to the company network directly from the Internet- no need to tie up a network modem or dial in long-distance (requires Internet server on network).
  9. Remote-control software access requires a separate copy of remote-control software to be licensed and installed for each potential remote user. Different operating systems require different versions- DOS, W3.1, W95. In general, the computer operating systems need to be nearly identical on both the office and local computer- not required by Metaframe.

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