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LAN-TECH is an certified reseller of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

For more information or a demo, contact LAN-TECH, INC. at (770) 514-0400.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking product information

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What is the difference between continuous speech recognition and discrete speech recognition?

Both let you dictate text into your computer. The difference is in how you speak and deliver your words. Applications, such as DragonDictate, which use discrete speech require you to insert a slight pause between every word. With discrete speech you speak like this:

"Discrete. recognition. applications. have. been. available. for. the. general. public. for. many. years. " (Audio version)

Dragon NaturallySpeaking uses continuous speech, or natural speech. This eliminates the need to insert a pause between every word. Continuous speech lets you speak to your computer at a conversational pace:

"Speak at the same pace as most of your conversations and your spoken words are transcribed immediately onto your computer screen." (Audio version)