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Case Master   III

LAN-TECH is an Authorized dealer for Case Master III.

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Also look at TABS III, a time and billing package that integrates with Case Master III.


  • Unlimited Scope
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Statute of Limitations
  • 64 Areas of Practice
  • Case Notes with word and phrase search
  • Document Assembler
  • Document History Tracking
  • Value Billing
  • Related Parties Information
  • Integration with TABS III
  • Password Security
  • Pre-Defined Templates
  • Full Calendar System
  • On-Screen Help
  • Merge several documents into one file

Decision-making is the cornerstone of law. You make decisions about what cases to handle and how to handle them, working toward the moment when the judge hands down the ruling. When you have a law firm to run, unruly information can delay decisions and infringe on your ability to act and react efficiently and profitably.

To assist you in your efforts to effectively manage your case information, Software Technology, Inc., the creators of TABS III, would like you to consider:


Case Master III is case management software that provides you with a convenient method of tracking all client and case information. This information is then used to automatically prepare documents and management/status reports. Case Master III can keep track of time and expenses spent on each case and includes a calendar tickler and automatic docket entry system. Case Master III also includes an automatic document tracking and location system, conflict of interest and statute of limitations checking, and much more.

Case Master III is not litigation support software. Litigation support software provides a receptacle for ALL written text, court reporter information and other information pertaining to a case. This data is then indexed for cross reference, reporting and retrieval and generally requires massive storage capacity. These are not inclusive functions of case management software.

Case Master III was developed to make your practice easier, more efficient and better organized. Firms that can proficiently handle cases in a more profitable manner will be the firms that survive. The firms that survive are the firms that automate now!

Case Master III is loaded with features. To best describe these features, they have been broken down into three areas: Daily Work, Customization and TABS III Integration.


You will use most of the features in Case Master III on a daily basis. They include the automated tracking of client and case information that directly mirrors your current filing system. Information collected in Case Master III can automatically be inserted into documents. It can be used to create internal reports and track case status and due dates. A Related Party file contains information frequently used, such as expert witnesses, courthouses, judges, opposing attorneys, doctors and private investigators. This particular feature will save you time by not having to enter repetitive information more than once into the system, but still allow the "related party" to be used in as many cases as needed.

Case Master III's Calendar can remind you of impending due dates and can track a complete calendar of events for each case. Numerous Calendar Plans specifying the number of days into the past or future from a starting date can be created to comply with a variety of schedules. These schedules can be saved and used again for similar cases governed by the same rules.

Information stored in client and case files can automatically be merged into your firm's favorite standard documents. If information is needed within a document but has not been completed in the data base, the system automatically prompts you for the necessary information. Case Master III allows you to assign a dollar value to a document or parts of a document. During document assembly, client charges can automatically be created based on these values (i.e. value billing).

Statute of Limitations can be identified for all cases within a specified date range. A Conflict of Interest search through all client and case files using a word or phrase can also be made. The search can be done phonetically or based on an exact match. Up to eight different search criteria can be specified for each search.

Unlimited notes can be retained for each case. Also, additional information outside of Case Master III can be transferred directly into your case notes file. Case notes can be searched for a specific word or phrase.


Case Master III is designed to allow you to customize case management systems for each type of law you practice. Case Master III is designed so an attorney, consultant, administrator, or paralegal who is comfortable with basic computer operations can personally develop a management system for each area of law your firm practices. This flexibility is rarely found in case management software, Each case management system can be developed from scratch or you can use one of the several pre-written case management systems provided with Case Master III. These pre-written systems are called Templates.

Each Template includes basic files and documents specific to an area of practice.

NOTE: The sample files and documents included with each Template need to be modified to comply with your specific firm and state requirements. Sample Templates include:

  • Wills and Trusts
  • Personal Injury (Plaintiff)
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Probate
  • Foreclosure
  • Business Law
  • Family Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Real Estate


TABS III is STI's advanced time accounting and billing system. In 1985, TABS III became the first approved product by the American Bar Association. The integration between TABS III and Case Master III is twofold.

First, client and case information can be transferred between TABS III and Case Master III. As changes are made in one system, the changes can be transferred into the other system.

The second area of integration is designed to help increase billable hours. Time spent on a case can be captured by using TABS III's memory resident pop-up timer feature. Time and expenses entered into Case Master III can also be transferred directly into TABS III and billed to clients.

TABS III and Case Master III can run independently. However, by using these two systems together, you can have a sophisticated and fully integrated case management and billing system.

In summary, Case Master III is a complete case management solution that allows you to access all case information, generate reports, track time & expenses, generate case-specific documents, and reminds you of impending due dates. These features give you the capability to manage legal cases in an efficient, professional manner.

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