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Welcome to the Unofficial discussion group for Software Technology Inc. products. This site is hosted by LAN-TECH, an authorized dealer in Atlanta, Georgia.

If you need non-critical technical assistance, feel free to post a message. A user may have the answer for you. Please be aware that LAN-TECH will not provide technical support in this message board.

For other technical support options, please see the STI Knowlege base, contact STI support (402) 423-1440 or contact your dealer (dealers charge for their service).

LAN-TECH offers an On-line Demo of the STI software. It is a functional evaluation of the software. In order to demo the software, you will need to fill out the information form, then a LAN-TECH person will setup an appointment to go through the demo with you on-line. All you will need is Internet Explorer 4.x or higher or Netscape 4.x or higher.