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The page is intended to be an informative article and reference material for the analysis of two similar products. The information is only to help the legal professional who is thinks of switching from WordPerfect to Word.

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Overall, most seem to prefer WordPerfect to Word.

For years WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS was the mainstream word processor in the legal community. But today, with Windows and Windows 95, the choice of processors has become an issue.

Many are choosing Microsoft Word. One reason that some have chosen Word over WordPerfect is that they believe Word will be a more stable program than WordPerfect since Microsoft makes both the operating system and the word processor. Hein vd Merwe states, "I found that I have encounter many errors running the lattest version of Corel Wordperfect Suite 8 with the lattest version of Windows 95." This in not necessarily the case. Timothy Francis notes, "Why on earth would Microsoft release a wordprocessor that is not backward compatible with its own proprietory file formats? All those users that upgrade from Word 6 to Word '97 are kicking themselves because they are quite simply not able to read their old documents, unless they download a hefty patch from Microsoft to fix this problem. (Strangley enough the patch still does not ship with Word '97)."  With the complexity of Windows and the programs designed to run in them, all have some type of bug issue.

Others are jumping on the Microsoft Word bandwagon because they believe everyone is switching to Word and they want to remain compatible. With the conversion routines in both programs, this reasoning is often flawed.

The ones that are staying with WordPerfect do so because they think WordPerfect is the best. Most who have started with WordPerfect find it difficult in switching. While both programs handle similar features the same way (Bold, Italics and so on), other features differ. Lucy of Durban says, "Having recently experienced the difference between Word Perfect and Microsoft Word because of a major crash, my vote goes to Word Perfect as I battled for two weeks to come to terms with Microsoft Word. I realise that familiarity makes it easier to prefer one program over another but Word Perfect certainly suits my family better and the majority vote has been given to Word Perfect."

One difference is that WordPerfect has reveal codes and Word does not. Ron states, "Wordperfect is user friendly, easy to learn, most adequate and a reliable and predictable work horse. The revealed codes let you know exactly where you are and are a great teaching tool. I have worked wonders with WP tables. MS Word on the other hand appears to be superior in terms of intricate features etc but in reality is user unfriendly, very difficult to learn, far too finicky and unpredictable, illogical and a real swine to get to grips with the basics such as setting indents that don't change every line, and setting fonts that don't change every line as well." Reveal Codes in WordPerfect will split the screen so that the text is on top and all the hidden codes that make the text bold, change fonts, embed a picture and so on are below. Now this may sound useless since both programs are WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). This means when you change the font size, the font size on the screen will change to scale. But if you ever had to trouble creating the document with the exact layout desired, reveal codes often become invaluable.

For the most part, users believe WordPerfect to be a better word processor than Word. But the use of a word process is a matter of personal choice. You should look at each one and determine for yourselft which one meets your needs.

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